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Our Approach to fix dog barking, lunging, growling, and aggression is unique and one-of-a-kind.  In 99% of dogs, we can get the aggression to stop in 49 days or less.  In preparation for our call, watch the videos below to see EXACTLY how we can help your dog.

What People are Saying

"Hi, CJ,

Missed you at Harbor Days! 

Well, my two, Vanilla and Vienna, were definitely a handful when we rescued them, but thanks to you and your awesome advice, they are much better now! In fact, my brother's dog, Joy, came to stay with us. They were somewhat aggressive at first, but just after a couple of hours of careful guidance and "reminders", they have learned how to get along. I no longer worry about leaving them alone together for any length of time. I can take all three of them for walks at one time and they do really well!

Thanks again, CJ! Your training has really made our life with our dogs so much more fun and relaxing. We can actually enjoy our dogs! 


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