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Whether you have one dog or a multiple dog household, we have the perfect dog obedience training program for you!

Our aim is to build solid fundamentals that our dog understands.  The more our dog understands, the easier it will be to address behavior issues.  Life's distractions will always be there. We cannot just make the distractions go away, but we can teach our dog how to live in a world full of distraction.  Not only will we teach you how to achieve solid fundamentals, but we will help you achieve fundamentals that your dog understands around life's distractions inside the home and outside in the real world.  The better the understanding around distraction, the closer we are to off leash control.  

We believe in improving our quality of life with our dogs.  Not just "our" quality of life but the quality of life that our dogs experience.  Providing the right structure and guidance means we are giving our dog what he or she is already craving.  If you are experiencing behaviors that you do not agree with then this is an indicator your dog may not be getting what he or she needs from you.



Mindset: Happy, Confident Dog! Our goal is NOT to correct everything that our dog does that we disagree with, but to teach a few, solid basics that we can use in our day to day lifestyle.  Our dog training programs focus on building the right habits and using those skills to prevent everything else that we do not want.  As a result our dog will learn to follow our guidance, be more attentive, and respond appropriately to our communication. This mindset has allowed us to work through any behavior or situation that we see in pet dogs.  It has allowed us to control the most aggressive, protective, and dominant dogs; build confidence in the most fearful, shy, and insecure dogs; and calm the most anxious and overexcited dogs.  Allow our Richmond dog trainers to evaluate your dog with a Consultation with CJ



Leash Pulling

Running Off

Biting or Nipping

Excessive Barking

Pottying in the House

Aggressive Behavior

Destructive Behavior

Separation Anxiety

Your Choice of any behavior or command!

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