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Support Group for Dog Problems

My name is CJ Quick.  I am starting a private group to help out the dog owners in our local area here in Richmond.   


As we probably already know, there is a plethora of information on the internet about dogs.  When people seek my help for their dog, the number one complaint is that much of the information online is contradicting, and that makes it hard for dog owners, like yourself, to make the right decisions as far as what protocols to implement.


My goal here for this group, is to help you cut through all that contradicting info and noise and to deliver to you the right stuff, the right info, and the right protocols, that have historically helped dog owners, who have come before you, to overcome their dog problems and begin to live a stress free life with their dog.


This is a place where you can interact with me as well as many other like-minded dog owners who are likely going through something similar, if not the same, situation as you.  This is a place to ask questions, show us your dog, interact with others, and ultimately, gain better clarity on how to improve your life.


I help dog owners problem solve.  Training obedience is one thing but it does little to prevent most of your typical unwanted behaviors such as pulling, lunging, jumping, door dashing, chewing, potty issues, and even aggression.  


A lot of the folks who I’ve helped over the years have already been through obedience training, either on their own or elsewhere, and they have yet to find a solution for their dog problem or problem(s).  


So while high level obedience is pertinent to living a great life, we also need to address unwanted behaviors and develop great manners in our dog. You need to define that standard for which you want your dog to live and behave.  I can help you have better clarity on this. 


So come on in to the group.  We don’t bite!  I’m happy to help.  





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