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Ecollar heel with Chase - 7 month Springer Spaniel

Chase is a 7 month old Springer Spaniel. In this video Chase is practicing his ecollar heel.

Prior to this, Chase already became proficient in leashwork, tuning-in to his owner, and consistently following her lead.

Now, with the correctly-timed prompts from his ecollar, his owner works to develop the skill needed to help him continue to stay by her side with as little use of the leash as possible.

This takes a lot of practice. While there are a few guidelines to follow, the ecollar heel is kind of an art, where the handler learns to use good judgement in making the right adjustments with the correct timing to maintain the dog’s focus.

This practice can be done with or without food. Of course, if the dog is motivated for food then that can help out a great deal as long we understand that its a “best practice” to phase phase out the food later on.

Chase is doing really well for such a young dog. Now if we can only get him over the excitement of seeing his owners mom! 😂🤣😜



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