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We Moved!

We moved to Richmond and we took Intelligent K9 with us!

We spent our entire existence in San Diego training dogs and helping people overcome the challenge they have with their dogs and now we’re bringing the same tools, knowledge, techniques, and know-how that were so successful in San Diego, to Richmond.

We packed up our home, our baby, our dogs, and drove across the country in two jeeps, off-roading and camping every chance we could get. We were also able to stop and see family in El Paso. But that’s a story for another time. The best night by far was the night we finally arrived at CJ’s dad’s house. The sight of Clark’s grandparents welcoming him was unforgettable.

While many things are still the same, time has passed and there’s a lot to get used to. Needless to say, there’s been an acclimation process. Even though CJ grew up in Virginia, it’s been nineteen years since he’s lived here, and Sarah has only visited occasionally. The weather has been a major adjustment. In California, we had plenty of sunshine and warmth. Since moving to Richmond we have had snow, rain, freezing rain, and ice storms - multiple times! The dogs didn’t know what to think but they had a ton of fun anyway. Little Clark and Sarah were in awe. And CJ was filled with memories and survival tips.

We’ve been through quite a transition, but it’s been worth it. We love the woods and local scenery; it’s so beautiful here! We’re happy for this new chapter in our life and for the chance to give Clark the childhood that only Virginia has to offer.

During the transition, we’ve had to be a little more disciplined with the dogs. A little bit of leadership and structure goes a long way. They’re both great dogs, but in new environments, it’s important to establish rules and boundaries and let them know exactly what is expected of them in their new surroundings to avoid mistakes, or potential chaos, down the road. Leadership and structure help dogs better cope with any lifestyle change. Penny isn’t allowed to bark at the neighbors’ dog on walks or when she’s out in the yard. We don’t let Cairo to chase deer, bunnies, or squirrels. And both dogs are getting supervised whenever they’re out; there’s no us in one room, and the dogs in another. We need to know what they’re up to. The extra structure isn’t permanent, but we do want to set up our dogs for success here in the new place.

If you have any questions or need help with your dog, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help!

We’re excited to be here. We’ve already met so many awesome people and everyone’s been so welcoming. Thank you so much for being interested in our story.

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