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We are so glad you found us.  We love dogs and are committed to helping them fit in seamlessly in our people world. We have two dogs of our own. Penny is a small terrier mix, and Cairo is a Belgian Malinois. We love taking them around San Diego to enjoy everything that it has to offer. 


We have had the privilege to work with dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments; from four-pound yorkshire terriers that like to nip to big, boxers that pull too hard on the leash and everything in between. 


Our JumpStart Camp program is a board-and-train service, great for busy dog parents and dogs with severe issues.  Dogs stay in a home environment, go on frequent field trips, and photo and video updates are sent to the parents regularly. 

Schedule your JumpStart camp during a vacation to have your dog trained while you’re away.

All JumpStart Camp programs include one-on-one lessons after, so we can teach you what we taught your furry friend.  Typically lessons take place in your home or a nearby park or dog-friendly business you frequent.  We find that helping dogs where they live creates the most certainty for them. 

All pricing is program based.


Our goal is to help you enjoy your dog as much as possible.  People get dogs for many different reasons and often times the reality of raising a dog is much different than the dream.  Our aim is to remove conflict and frustration and leave certainty and confidence in its place.

Please press the SCHEDULE A CALL button above the video to set up a time to talk with us about your dog. 

We'd love to see how we can help.  

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