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Richmond Dog Training Classes Intelligen

Here at Intelligent K9, we aim to be the Best Dog Trainers in San Diego.  We could tell you all about how we have the best customer service and the best teachers, but we'd rather tell you about how we can take your dog from a zero to a hero in only 49 days.  

Over the years CJ has refined his dog training program to be the easiest for the dog and the owner to understand.  Our Zero to Hero Program can take any dog from unruly and restless to hyper-focused and obedient in just a few short weeks.  We take into consideration the big picture, the entire life that you have with your dog in order to set you up for success.  It's not just about training your dog or puppy, it's about having the proper mindset and fitting training into your lifestyle too.  That is where we excel.  

Meet the team that makes it all possible!!

Sarah has had multiple dogs all her life and can still frequently be heard asking for another one.  Her current dog is a spunky little terrier named Penny (pictured below with Rebekah).  Penny knows tons of tricks and will do anything for a treat.  

Sarah handles all things creative at Intelligent K9.  She's behind the camera and post-produces for the vlog and social media channels.  During the day you can find Sarah and Penny (and baby Clark!) holed up in the editing room, or out at the park filming a lesson.

Dog training made a huge difference in Sarah's life.  When she first got Penny, Penny was super protective of any treats and toys she was given or managed to steal.  Now Sarah has much more control over Penny.  She's able to easily call her away from an object and retrieve in instead of constantly being bit!

San Diego Dog Training Sarah Quick Intel

Rebekah is an animal lover.  Over the years she's rescued and reunited many dogs with their owners.  Her first dog was a german shepherd puppy named Shadow.  She spent hours playing with him and training him until he was the perfect dog.  

Rebekah now has a little rat terrier.  They love showing off all of the cool tricks she can do, especially how high she can jump.  One of Rebekah's (and Minnie's too!) favorite commands is used almost exclusively in the kitchen.  If Rebekah says, "Minnie, Clean up!" Minnie comes over nose to the ground and eats up whatever is on the floor.   

Rebekah is the office manager at Intelligent K9.  You'll meet her when scheduling appointments, sending emails, and doing the pre-call appointments.  She's super friendly and helpful!

San Diego Dog Training Rebekah Johnson I
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