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Hey San Diego Dog Owner!  


I speak to several/small handful of you each and every day.  I hear what you’re saying and I know why you’re here!


You have a dog that you love but you have having some sort of challenge. 


Just know, that you are NOT alone.  Many who have come before you have dealt with embarrassing problem behaviors even if they are kinda small like jumping and barking. 

I'm talking;

  • a dog who you have to hide in the back when company comes over so they aren't jumping all over them 

  • a dog who whines incessantly 

  • a dog who is making your shoulder sore from pulling on the leash

  • a dog who you have to keep leashed up while on a hike because you can't trust him off the leash yet...

Many years ago before becoming a professional dog trainer it was a dog who was really misbehaved that sent me down the path to become a trainer.  So I KNOW the frustration and embarrassment levels that come from having a dog who isn't minding you.



Therefore, I understand what it’s like to live in uncertainty wondering when the next time your dog is going to run out the door, lunge at the next distraction while on a walk, or worse, the potential liability of hurting someone or some thing like your wooden furniture.



Maybe you are dealing with some of the small stuff but still want a better life that is free of embarrassment and uncertainty.  


I'm talking;

  • a dog who you have to hide in the back when company comes over so they aren't jumping all over them 

  • a dog who whines incessantly 

  • a dog who is making your shoulder sore from pulling on the leash

  • a dog who you have to keep leashed up while on a hike because you can't trust him off the leash yet...



Maybe you are dealing with something much bigger such as a potential liability. 


It could be a dog who has nipped or even bitten a person or dog.  It could be a dog who gets so stressed when you're gone that she tears up the house.  Or it could be a dog who deals with anxieties and fears that lead to barking or lunging or even just running away.



Some of you have probably dealt with problem behaviors long enough that you either have a workaround or a band-aid-type solution that kinda makes life better.  



But does it really make it better?  


  • Is it really better that you CAN get your dog to come, you just have to shout at him several times to get him to do it?

  • Is it really better that you CAN help her walk better, you just have to tug super hard on the leash to get her to calm down?

  • Is it really better that you CAN invite guests over, you just have to apologize for your dog's behavior or put him in the back bedroom?

Does this sound like anything you’ve gone through?


I’d like to invite you to our next challenge: Change your Dog, Change your Life in 49 Days 


To see if we are right for you, you can schedule a call here


YOU are the reason this program was created.  


We wanted to deliver so much value to our clients and set them up for FOREVER success!


We wanted to be the last trainer they ever needed.  We want you to have our support forever.


We wanted to create a community of support - not just the support of a FEW individuals.


We understand that you want to have friends and family over without putting the dog outside or in the back room.


We understand that you want to go for relaxing walks without your dog embarrassing you in front of neighbors by pulling you all over the place or reacting to their dog.  


We understand that you want to go for an off-leash hike and not worry your dog is going to run off because of a distraction….Or simply just take a nice stroll in your neighborhood on the leash with no pulling.


You love your dog, you just don't love the little challenges that you deal with and you KNOW there has to be a way to have your dog FIT into YOUR lifestyle, rather than you having to change your entire lifestyle for your best friend.


~It doesn’t have to be that way~


Your life CAN be like this.  You CAN have a dog that fits in your life.  Even if you've 'tried everything’


Change your Dog, Change your Life addresses these concerns SO THAT your dog can be included MORE into your life….the whole REASON many of you got a dog in the first place!


In this program we’ve left no stone unturned. 


I’m talking jumping, pulling, lunging, chewing, barking, digging, counter-surfing, nipping, over-excitement, checked out, not coming when called, no respect for boundary, leash aggression, over-protective, bad door manners, door dashing, reactivity to distraction, and overall just not listening…


By us becoming your leader and coach SO THAT you can become your dog’s leader and coach, TOGETHER we can help your dog overcome uncertainty that displays as insecurity, fear, and anxiety.

We actually get to the root of problem behaviors!


This program is an exact recipe for greatness.  This has been designed to help your dog become the best version of their true self.


By following a specific process, we can create consistent predictable results.


Understand that consistent predictable result means that you are going to get a completely new dog who is happier, better trained, with bad behavior problems that have been worked through.  This is a clean slate, folks. 


This is because we have a step by step process that starts with YOU showing your dog the right leadership so instead of your dog leading you, YOU can lead your dog. 


Your dog will be paying attention to you and looking to your for the direction and guidance.

On top of that you will have direct support from us and community support from dog owners who have come through before you.



Full disclosure: We are NOT for everyone.  We aren't for those just looking for a quick fix.  We aren’t for those who do not what to spend more time with their dog.  We aren’t for those who won’t follow through with simple homework.  Therefore, so that we don’t waste your time; we want to make sure we are a good match before getting started.  


schedule a call here!


On the call we’ll take 15 minutes to learn about you and your dog and to see if we have an option that fits your needs…. 


….and if we are a general match, we would like to invite you to the next step where you can speak directly with CJ for a more in-depth look at what’s best for your dog and to get you signed up!

No More Embarrassment, a Dog Who Listens ALL the Time,

and Freedom That Comes With Great Behavior...


I remember the first time I heard it.


I was standing there in my booth, speaking with San Diego dog owners who were visiting the popular Home & Garden show.


Several of you were telling me that you had “done everything”.  Group class, then private lessons, then a board and train again with the next San Diego dog trainer…


….only to be left standing in front of me scratching your head wondering…


“What makes you guys different? Why should I consider going at it a fourth time? We’ve lost all hope for our dog and think that dog training is ‘broken’?”


First off, that’s for you and only you to decide.


But I will tell you what I’m hearing and then I will tell you how we’re different…


I understand your dog got better and learned some commands but what I keep hearing is how you STILL have some issues.  


Your dog still jumps on people.  Your dog may still have potty challenges.  Still counter surfs.  Can’t walk properly on the leash.  Still lunging at distraction. Maybe you have some aggression and some leash reactivity.


You still searching shows how committed you are to your dog.


You know your dog is smart and can get better.


We get that!  Your dog still has a TON of potential.


What does all this mean?…


Are you living a life of UNCERTAINTY with your dog, AND are you still wondering what to do?


Things like leadership, structure, rules and boundaries are lessons for the dog owner, not the dog.  


This is why we created the Change your Dog, Change your Life Program in 49 Days!


Here are a few key points from the program.


  • Your dog must SEE you as the leader and respect your rules and boundaries.  Your dog’s perception of you MUST change so that he sees you as the leader.

    • Other dog trainers teach you that leadership comes from being louder and tougher with your dog.  But that's not what it takes, it actually takes…you being cool, calm, collected, & fair……the right communication and the right guidance comes from that

    • This helps create certainty for your dog and aids in better confidence and a better relationship.  Also helps a ton with not listening 


  • Your dog must learn YOUR preferences for your lifestyle and day-to-day routine.  You will need to condition new habit with YOU in YOUR environment.  

    • Most trainers teach YOU to change your whole life for your dog, but you CAN help your dog fit into your life if you…​

      • Take action showing the right leadership

      • Teach your dog the right stuff

      • Create rules and boundaries


  • Turn those skills into your lifestyle habits. 

    • Leadership and structure should be a part of any dog’s life.

    • Most trainers teach you that once you train you’re good to go but the reality is that the right leadership and structure is always present….so that your dog can always be his best.



Now many of you hitting this page may be in a similar position as the folks above


But some of you may be at a much earlier stage.  Maybe you haven’t done any training yet or maybe you’ve done some light training with your dog at a group class or maybe you've been watching Youtube videos and talking with co-workers about how to solve dog training problems.


No matter where you are with your dog, starting out or trying to FINALLY crack the dog training code, we can help!


We are unique in San Diego because we aren't a 'one style' approach that JUST uses treats or JUST uses correction.


This means we use lots of positive motivation and positive reinforcement.  We absolutely use TONS of positive reinforcement!!


But since it’s not possible to reward a dog out of an unwanted behavior, we use the proper corrections that are humane and fair to help the dog understand what behaviors not to do. 


The difference with us is: that we use a nice ratio of what TO DO and how to do it properly and a little bit of what NOT to do.  


With training being mostly what TO DO mixed with the leadership and structure we find that dogs make a lot LESS mistakes and therefore what’s left over to correct ain’t too much stuff.


How would that be if you didn't have to scold your dog or treat your dog all the time and instead you had a dog who WANTED to be obedient, whether or not you're holding a treat or 'getting after him'?


Now the dog is happier and now you’re happier!



Are you ready to accept the 49 day challenge? Happy, confident, off-leash, and under control in just 49 days or less!


~schedule a call here~



There are two formats to the Change your Dog, Change your Life in 49 Days challenge:


  • Board and Train - This is where your dog comes with us and lives with me and my family in the comfort of our home and NOT some stinky, dirty boarding kennel.  We practice situations and scenarios that are common for most people.

    • This means obedience and manners with most in-home distractions but also the bigger stuff too like fear, anxiety, and aggression. 

    • Instead of going off to a boarding kennel, we created a program where we limit the enrollment to just a few dogs and actually have them live with us in our home.  We focus on quality of training instead of quantity of dogs.  

  • Private Training Plan - These are one-on-one programs where you put in the work.  There’s in-person coaching from us as well as a home-study course where we take you by the hand walk to through it step by step.  Oh yeah, not to mention accountability.



So is this for you?  We find there is a certain type of dog owner who has the best results with us.   


The type of dog owner who sees the dog as family.  The type of dog owner who is looking to do the best for their friend.  And the type of dog owner who is serious about seeing REAL and positive change in their dog's relationship and behavior.


That’s right, we only take serious dog owners who are serious about helping their dog and their life. 


That means you must be committed to your dog and ready to take action now!


We have found over the years that those who are ready and decisive are more self-accountable to doing the work and getting the results.  


There’s no way around it, those who implement what we teach and recommend make the best progress in the shortest amount of time.  


In the end, it’s the dog who wins, even if it is the owner who helps him get there!


To make this work you must be:

  • Coachable

    • That means open-minded to listen to new ideas and dog training concepts - even if they do contradict what you learned elsewhere.

  • Massively committed to your dog.

    • We know you LOVE your dog but are you also committed to helping him or her get better?

  • Ready to implement what you learn with us on a frequent basis.

    • We understand that you have a life and maybe even travel for work but what we need to from you is not to quit your job to train your dog.

    • We understand that you already spend time with your dog…we just want to make that time more quality during the times you are around


I don’t want this to sound overly strict here.  It’s just that those who come aboard GET results.  


I don’t want you to invest the time, money, and resources just to come up short.


I don’t want to waste your time, money, or effort, therefore, we turn people away left and right….


Especially when they say: “I just want a trained dog and I don’t want to do anything at all. Can you just train my dog and then I’m good?”


Sorry everyone.  It just doesn’t work that way.  the board and train will make your work level a LOT less, but you still have to maintain being the right mentor and coach for your dog.


 We will teach you during the handler course step-by-step what to do.


IF this is not you and you are committed to your dog’s happiness, then please, by all means, lets get on the phone and have a quick chat about the next step.


To avoid playing all the phone tag we have a very simple scheduling process where you can pick the best time to talk with us. 


~schedule a call here~



A little more on the two training styles:


Private Plan: Now a program where you do the work and teach your own dog is best when considering a few things:


First, you must be a hard worker or at least have the ability to implement the you learn with us.  You will be learning new things so you will have to try and put forth effort into learning.


Second, you must make some sort of change to your routine to accommodate a change in behavior.  This goes for YOU in addition to your dog.


Think about it. If you make no changes then your dog will likely make no changes.  You are your dog’s influencer so what you do matters.


We will make this process as simple as possible for you.  We’ve created a step-by-step recipe for success.


Board and Train:  Board and train is best for those who don’t have time to train their dog. Also, most dog owners don’t have the skills that a trainer with years of experience under their belt has.  That’s why we can accomplish a great deal in just a few weeks with this program.


But since you will need to maintain what your dog has learned with us, you will need to learn some version of the training. You will still have homework and will still need to be your dog’s leader and coach.  


You will also still need to make a change to your routine to accommodate the change in your dog’s behavior.


This is also a step-by-step recipe for success - just a different format than the Private Plan.



In either format: we are there to help you every step of the way!


Common FAQ’s 


Q: I don’t know if I can be without my dog during a board and train.  Will she remember me afterwards?


A: First off, no dog forgets their family.  Second, the amount of time your dog is gone is a minuscule percentage and nothing compared to the rest of the life you will have to enjoy life with your dog after the program.  

Down the road when you are enjoying your dog much more, you won’t even remember the time time your dog was gone at training.



Q: How will my dog know to listen to me and not just the trainer?  


A: Great question!  I used to wonder this myself back before I was a trainer.  This is the reason we created a handler course where we teach you how to piggy-back off the work we've done and easily maintain the training without having to spend HOURS per day.


Ready, Set, ~schedule a call here~



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