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The Most Advanced Puppy Training Program Available in San Diego, CA

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San Diego Dog Trainer CJ Quick Intellige

If you've got a puppy, your in the right place.

First, our puppy training is UNIQUE.

Let me explain what our puppy training isn't.

Our puppy training isn't:

 - some cheap group class meant for getting your puppy to listen for a treat

 - this is not a basic course

 - we don't teach you a few things to leave you to hope and pray is all goes well later as your puppy is maturing.

How we handle puppy training has changed dramatically over the years.

We used to do a Board and Train program on a case-by-case basis for puppies under 5 months with great success...but we realize that the owner's need something more than that.

What I keep hearing from many of you who I speak to over the years is that your want nothing basic.  

Most of my clients come to me with an older puppy still searching for answers and have already done previous puppy training.

If that was meant to set you up for success then why are you still searching?!



ubsequent to his time as an aerial navigator in the US Marines, Clark spent many years working as a professional skydiver, teaching skydiving students following their passion in the air. 


From those who trusted him with their life and the lives of their loved ones, to those who now trust him with their dog's training and care, CJ now dedicates his time to helping dogs.


Following his interest in how to teach dogs to listen to us even around life's daily or toughest distractions, Clark now dedicates his time to working as a professional San Diego dog trainer.


Clark is passionate about helping others improve their lifestyle with their dog(s) so that they can reap the many rewards and benefits that come from a great relationship with man's best friend!

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