Onyx is a husky puppy who came to us for help with off-leash accountability, and to learn to listen to his humans better.

The above is his first training video where we teach him the basics. We send video updates like this to all of our clients to show them their dog's progress.

Onyx the husky is only six days into his fourteen day stay at camp and he's already doing phenomenally. He's learned so many new skills that will be super useful in the years to come.

Stairs can sometimes be a big distraction for dogs. In this video we show Onyx that nothing has to change from regular walking to walking at an incline or decline. Notice how his attention stays on us. This is the key to having success with your dog in more challenging environments.

A dog knowing how to come is one of the most critical skills they can have. It can save you so much time and agony and it keeps your dog safe. We work on getting Onyx's response rate to come to 100% . Check out how he does above!

Everyone gets a dog for a different reason. We personally love to take our dogs with us on little shopping trips. In this video we show Onyx exactly what is expected of him at the hardware store. This will help his parents when they're in similar situations.



Here at Intelligent K9, our dogs are our kids. We realize the importance of including our dog into our lifestyle as much as possible. For many of us, this can be challenging when our dog does not listen.

No one gets a dog and imagines conflict and frustration.


We have dogs join us as family with the intention of enhancing our lives but it doesn’t always happen that way. We have lots to learn as dog owners and Intelligent K9 San Diego dog training is here to help! 



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