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Australian Shepherd, Wayne, Pulling Problem Solved! Before/After

Wayne started out as a crazy, high-strung, all-over-the-place kinda guy.

Lunging, pulling, extreme whining, not paying attention, etc.

Wayne definitely created a big challenge for his owners.

Take a look at the difference after completing a three week Board & Train!

What takes place during a board and train?

Here’s a quick rundown:

First we create communication with Wayne. I’m talking communication that works. We do this by helping Wayne learn to consistently follow our lead, building that focus, awareness and attention for the person at the other end of the leash.

Then we begin teaching and training the essential commands. This is where we do TONS of repetitions to build new behavior patterns. We start enhancing Wayne’s attention to us and he learns that interacting with us is fun!

From that point forward, Wayne is learning how to apply that training knowledge to real-life situations. This is the structure. We practice in our home as well as out in the real world, around real-world distractions.

Wayne practices staying on his “place” when we are making food in the kitchen, during mealtimes, when we are handling things at the front door. He does this by staying in his “down” command. This is so that he does NOT counter surf, come to the table when we are eating, or rush the front door. We want him to have really great manners so that he will be more enjoyable for his owners.

Everywhere we go, Wayne is held accountable to walking with us nicely. There is no pulling or lunging. He’s not allowed to yell and bark at other dogs. He is well mannered on walks AND wherever else we go. With better manners, it’s more enjoyable to take him places. As a result, he has a much nicer experience too!

Once we have fluency with the communication and are well practiced with real situations, it’s time to bring the owners back in and teach them what to do.

We meet with the owners several times to ensure the right stuff is practiced, that they know what to do and how to apply it, and that they are prepared to have everlasting success with their dog!

Our Board & Train program is a great match for those who want us to do some of the heavy lifting, teaching their dog what to do and how to do it, and building that foundation of knowledge and understanding.

Most folks who come our way are either looking for a Board & Train or have a lifestyle that is a better match for the Board & Train.

For those who are really motivated to do their own heavy lifting, we have private one-on-one programs too!


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