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Australian Shepherd, Winston, Learns to Settle!

Without training, rules, boundaries, and accountability, dogs can easily stay in a constant state of stimulation.

Day in and day out, this heightened level of excitement becomes habit. It becomes the norm. It becomes the dogs default daily setting.

It’s hard to enjoy the dog when we can’t relax around the dog. Winston, keeps everyone on edge with his constant anxiety-provoking, high-pitched excited whine.

So how do we fix it?

Simple. We show the him that there are rules and boundaries. We create the structure necessary to help Winston understand how to exist around us.

It’s great to practice excitement and do stimulating activities but we need to balance that with structured down time.

All of these concepts (rules, boundaries, structure, accountability, moderation) in dog training apply to people too. It’s just that dog owners don’t always connect the dots so easily because communicating with a dog is one of the differences.

Owners need to learn the communication so that creating the right structure is possible. Of course, the dog has to listen too. 😉

Structured down time starts with the dog learning how to stay put - either on a dog bed or other “place” items.

Of course, Winston wants do everything but stay on his place. So we help him get it right. He’d rather be in constant movement. Enough to drive anyone crazy. That’s not a bad thing. That’s just Winston’s personality...and we love him for his enthusiasm. 😊

But when it’s time for the crazy 🤪 to settle, this is where it begins.


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