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Does your dog have a problem with the kennel?

Lucy is a nervous, anxious Malinois. Most of that anxiety is experienced in and around her crate.

When not the in her crate, she has destructive, chewing, and potty issues in the house.

The great thing about Lucy is that she trains well and loves having a job to do. That’s a Malinois for ya! Loves to work.

The downside to this driven, working kind of mentality is that, without a clear understanding of rules and boundaries, dogs like Lucy often become a hot mess!

While it’s great to exercise and practice activities that stimulate the brain, it’s equally important to understand the art of doing nothing.

Right now, Lucy’s only job is to stay put. In the photo, she is practicing her “down” command inside her crate. Lucy is well rehearsed with this exercise and has practiced it in a variety of crates and kennels.

Most dogs’ lives involve constant movement. Constant action. When this constant need for stimulation goes unchecked, it can create some serious problems with any dog.

“Down” command with the right accountability equals ‘calm on command’, a very healthy alternative to the often destructive mindset a dog can have when they live their life in constant motion, canstant stimulation with no rules or boundaries.

Think of it as brining back the balance 😇 to an otherwise, crazy 🤪 dog.

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