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Heavy Lifting done For You

Sometimes, it's just easier to let us roll up our sleeves and handle the tough stuff for you. Especially if you are too busy or even headed out of town.

Our Board & Train (B&T) is designed to help you get a jumpstart on your training.

First we problem solve, then we lay a nice foundation of skill so that you have something more to work with back at home.

B&T’s are 3 to 6 weeks and is dependent on what you/your dog's needs. At the end of your dog’s stay with us, we do a 2-part “go-home” session to prepare owners for bringing their dog back home.

The 2-part go-home session is typically done over a two day period but can be done in one day if time is an issue for you. That’s usually the case for our out of town clients.

Part 1, we work on indoor/inside-the-home work and in Part 2, we review part 1 and then add outside/walks & distraction.

But wait! There’s more: more follow up sessions can be scheduled as-needed.

To make the whole thing work and to get great results, we do have a few B&T requirements that we need to make sure we adhere to. As a result, not every dog qualifies.

If you are interested, and to see if your dog is qualified, contact us and we'll take a closer look.


-CJ Quick


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