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The good life

There was a time back when a trainer mentioned to me the idea of hanging out with your coffee in hand and playing fetch with your dog.

Back then I thought that idea was a dream, a fantasy, something that would be extremely difficult to create, at least intentionally.

I thought that you would be lucky to have a dog that was a natural “fetcher.”

But to teach it and create it and then be able to do it anywhere…I was intrigued to say the least.

Can my dog do it in the first place? Would he be interested? Would he be able to do it at the park, around distractions?

There was a lot that took place since then…lots of learning and lots of work, and for sure, overcoming lots of challenge....disregarding distractions and off leash ability to name a few.

Here we are over a decade later. Still fetching, off leash, no fences, not a care in the world. Just a fun time!


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