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Treadmill Work! Australian Shepherd “Winston” Flexing his Muscles

Australian Shepherds are high-energy working dogs. They are meant to put their mind to the task and get the job done.

The job isn’t always herding. Dogs can be in their happy place when they understand their purpose, regardless of breed. That purpose can be whatever job you want for your dog in the moment.

Having Winston workout on the treadmill helps supplement everything else he’s been working on. This is where is gets to focus and work, focus and work, the stuff he thrives on. He puts his mind to the task and just keeps going!

Even though, Winston is great at his training, treadmill workouts are a great supplement.

For folks that live in regions where it is often too hot or too cold to talk the dog out, the treadmill workout can suffice until it may be more appropriate to get some real exercise. Also great for rainy weather!

Is the treadmill a replacement for exercise?

It may be for some who absolutely cannot take their dog out. For the rest, I see it as a fantastic supplement! 😎


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