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Marci Steffes - El Cajon, CA. Review from Facebook: 

Before Noah went to work with CJ and the Intelligent K9 Team he was in control of everything and since his training he is on the road to being a great listener. Today we had our final training and I feel even better with how he will be with our new tools we learned to use. Practice is the the key to being successful. It's nice knowing they are there if I have questions or need assistance to get through any bumps in the road we may have. My hope is someday that Noah will be as great as Cairo. Lol. Thanks CJ for all of your help and wisdom . I felt good with the little things I learned in the beginning but now I feel great about Noah's continued success.

Marci Steffes - El Cajon, CA. Review from Yelp: 

What can I say about Intelligent K9 Dog Training...nothing but good things. Everyone kept telling me you can't teach an old dog new things. Needless to say I was a little concerned if my dog was trainable. After talking to CJ for my consultation I was willing to give it a try. I saw how fast Noah responded to his commands in that short period of time. So I decided to do the Jumpstart Training because I felt he needed the every day consistent training for it to work. When I saw how he responded in the training videos I was super excited about him coming home. I was also a little worried that he would be mad at me for sending him away from his home.  When he came home he was so excited to us. We had a few minutes to visit before we went right into training mode. How exciting to see him following the commands that he was taught. When it was my turn to practice the commands they were very simple and easy to follow. Then it was my turn to keep practicing until my next training with CJ. Noah did very well during those periods of time. Some of the problems I had with Noah before he left were him peeing and pooping in the house, controlling our walks, and not listening when we called him After the training those issues reduced dramatically. And over time accidents are almost nonexistent. When our last home training came told CJ I was having trouble at the park because there were so many distractions and Noah wouldn't stay in training mode and was controlling the walk. He showed me how to take control. We practiced and Noah was actually able to walk with me without me holding the leash and stayed with me. If he tried to stray it was very easy to get him back into step with me. Since our last training he's been consistently doing well. I'm getting ready to go on vacation for two weeks and Noah is going to go back for boarding and they will work with him on reviewing what he's learned. I didn't want to be gone that long of a period of time and my family members mess up all the training he has received. I would recommend Intelligent K9 Dog  Training to anyone looking to make life easier with your fur babies. Thank you CJ for all of your help.



Peter Ritchie - Encinitas, CA. Review from Google: 

One of the most intelligent decisions we have made regarding dog training! CJ trained Finn - our 90lb (Husky/Mix - aggressive toward other dogs and pulled your arm off when walking him) With CJ's skills and knowledge, we are no longer 'scared' to take Finn out for his morning and evening walks around the neighborhood. Finn is attentive, focused and relaxed by our side. He virtually ignores other dogs/distractions and follows our commands instantly with minimal prompting. We all look forward to our walks and we finally have a dog who understands that we are in charge and not him! Thanks CJ - you have a very bright future ahead in the dog business!

Sue Ritchie - Encinitas, CA. Review from Yelp: 

We have been extremely happy with the training CJ has completed with us and our dog, Finn.  Finn is now fun to walk and take out into public places. He had been very aggressive with other dogs and now we can walk him with confidence. This program really suited our lifestyle with Finn having 14 days of intensive training with CJ and then "our" supervised training. I have learned so much from CJ and we highly recommend this training!

Andrea Allen - 4S Ranch, San Diego, CA. Review from Facebook: 

My Portuguese water dog is a bit spoiled and had developed an attitude problem. This was clearly my fault but I had no idea how to correct the issue. CJ came to my rescue. He quickly scheduled a consultation and I chose to have my dog attend the 2 week jump start program. She came back a different and much more enjoyable dog. CJ is a miracle worker and at each follow up training session I learned how to be a better owner. I trust CJ and his team so much my dog is going to board with him while I am out of town. I could not have picked a better trainer for my dog.

Sandra D'Alonzo - San Diego, CA. Review from Yelp: 

I had a great experience working with CJ and his team at Intelligent K9. I have 2 big dogs (Sierra & Remy), who were “good enough” dogs, but were terrible on a leash. I could only exercise them at off-leash parks. I couldn’t go on hikes or take them running, which is important to me. Remy was able to walk nicely on a leash during the consult. I hadn’t planned on getting training for Sierra, since she had already been through obedience classes (but still couldn’t walk on a leash). When I saw what he was able to do with Remy, I decided to get training for both of them, and I’m really happy with the results. CJ’s instructions are simple, straightforward and easy to remember. He really tries to set you and your dogs up for success. The hardest part was for me to unlearn the ways I had “gotten by” with unruly dogs, and to not just “let them play” all the time, thinking I couldn’t do anything about it. I love my dogs, but now I can trust them in more situations, which makes having them even more fun. I’m a very proud momma :) [PS - I'm not doing this review for anything in return]

Noina Bruno - Murrieta, CA. Review from Google: 

Before I met Clark my dogs would not come when I called. They were stubborn and always ran away. With his guidance and the professionalism of the whole Intelligent K9 team, I now live a happy life with my pets. They do as they're told and I'm not constantly fighting and yelling at them anymore. I'm so thankful I found intelligent k9. Their training is exactly what I needed and I feel like this is what everyone wants with their dog. I can take them camping, to the park or beach and I no longer have to worry. If you're having problems getting or keeping your dogs attention and you are looking for dog training, i highly recommend inteligent K9.

Sarah Johnson - Escondido, CA. Review from Google: 
I highly recommend this dog training!  I have a little seven pound terrier mutt terror.  She used to steal my socks and take them into her dog bed and then she'd bite me when I tried to take them back!  It would make me so mad and it was really ruining my relationship with her.  I'm so glad I found Intelligent K9.  My trainer was so professional, polite, and helpful.  I opted for the camp program.  When it was finished, they showed me how to implement the things they taught my dog.  Now if she ever gets my sock I can easily call her away from her bed and have her sit while I get it back.  Conflict (and bite) free!  I'm so glad I had them help me.  I really love my little dog and now I have nothing but good experiences with her.  That, to me, is priceless!

Mark Trottier - Oceanside, CA. Review from Google: 

I had rescued a 5 yr. old border collie mix and over the first year I had her we had several incidents with her going after cats, rabbits and small dogs. Our walks became very stressful for me and I eventually muzzle her for our walks. I found Intelligent K9 Training at a street fair in San Marco and the person there was extremely friendly and full of information. She had told me that the issues I was facing were indeed something CJ and his team could deal with. After contacting CJ he came out to do a free analysis and I was very impressed with his training methodology and a quick session he had with my dog Mattie to get a feel for what her issues were.  We talk about the different options that Intelligent K9 Training offers and I decided to do the 2 week boot camp and wow was I impressed by the well behaved dog that came back to me. CJ worked with me for three more 1.5 hr. sessions over a month time frame so that I could continue Mattie’s training. To this day we work on our commands during every one of our walks. No more muzzle, no more stress and great walks. I would highly recommend Intelligent K9 Training to anyone that is looking to help themselves and their dog to be successful.

Marshall Spevak - Carlsbad, CA. Review from Google: 
Clark and Sarah really know their stuff. Our dog is so much more disciplined and wants to please. He is truly an 
"intelligent K9." Thanks so much and keep up the great work.

Thea M. - Oceanside, CA. Review from Yelp: 

Our rescue dog was buck wild and we were starting to get worried.  Then we found these guys at a street fair & called right away.  CJ came to our house, met our dog, worked with her for no more than 10 minutes & we were sold!  It was like a miracle.  We sent her for 2 weeks of training and when she came back CJ worked with us to give us the tools to continue helping our dog to pay attention and follow our lead.  Several follow up visits to check on our progress & wow what a difference!  You will love how professional they are, how they truly care for the dog and their needs and his expertise in training  the owners as well.  Best thing we could have done for our dog and our household.  Many thanks!!!

Jeanine G. - Fallbrook, CA. Review from Yelp: 
I HIGHLY recommend this trainer.  We have had the BEST experience with CJ and his team.  My husband and I were a little skeptical at first of the idea of hiring a professional trainer to help us with our two Great Danes.  We could not be happier with the results!  CJ is so easy to work with, is consistent, easy to follow and extremely organized with a very practical and gentle approach.  He is a true professional.  You will NOT be disappointed !  We have gone from pulling and chaos to peaceful, enjoyable walks and outings.  Our dogs are happier too !

Francine P. - Carlsbad, CA. Review from Yelp: 

In February, we welcomed a 2 month old Golden Cocker Retriever into our family.  Today we have a 7 month old puppy who is well adjusted, well behaved and has the exact temperament we were striving for.

We came across CJ at our local street fair and could not have been more impressed. He answered all of our questions in regards to his form of positive training. We knew that he would be perfect for our puppy.

We decided to send our puppy to a 10 day training with Intelligent K9, and our puppy came back happy, potty trained, and so well behaved. Following the 10 day training, we had 3 one on one lessons with CJ for 2 hours per lesson. He always gave us extra time when we needed it.

CJ is as much a people trainer as he is a dog trainer.  He's taken more than enough time to help us understand how some of our behaviors, skills, and knowledge would affect our puppy's development (at times we were not firm enough, diligent enough, etc).  His training methods are always positive reinforcement based, which is what we were looking for.  We did not want any harsh methods used for our puppy.

We highly recommend giving CJ a call from Intelligent K9 for training your dog whether it's a puppy or full grown adult.

Sergio D. - Chula Vista, CA. Review from Yelp: 
We had 2 destructive Rat Terriers puppies (8 months).  It was impossible to take them for a walk because they wanted to run and would bark at everything.  The puppies would also go potty all over the house. Our biggest concern was the moment the front door open the 2 puppies would take of running and we had to chase them down.  We feared that a car would hit them.  We were forced to keep the puppies locked up in our breezeway.  We could enjoy our puppies.

We meet CJ at the Home Show and decided to have him come down to see our pups.  After 10 minutes, we were sold.   CJ and his team did an incredible job with our pups.  We now can leave the front door open and take down the groceries from the car and our pups stay sitting inside the house waiting for us.  With CJ's help we have redirected their destructive energy into other activities.  They hardly ever go potty  in the house anymore. I'm not going to lie they sometimes do, but it's our fault because we ignore the signs.  Also, we now can take our pups on a walk not the other way around.  Thanks CJ.

Diane Kean - Escondido, CA. Review from Facebook: 

CJ has really helped us to understand how to work with our dogs. We are much more confident, Boz and Rox are more confident, and other people aren't as intimidated by our dogs.

Bozwell and Roxie have been home for a little over a week. We had our second training session, and have learned a lot. It is up to us to give our dogs an opportunity to excel.

If you are considering whether to take the plunge and work with CJ and IntelligentK9, I highly recommend doing so. We should have done this years ago. We are much happier the last week. Our dogs are more relaxed. We still have work to do, but we wouldn't have gotten this far without IK9.

Madalyn Carse - Del Mar, CA. Review from Facebook: 
We had a terrific consultation with CJ! We have two dogs, both herding breeds with semi-controlled but energy uncontrolled that manifests itself in sometimes not so attractive behaviors. Although we are at the beginning of our journey with them I feel confident and very excited about our future. One we'll all enjoy -dog and owners alike!!

Mari Parker - Torrey Highlands, San Diego, CA. Review from Google: 

Exceptional is the only word I can use to describe our experience with Intelligent K9 Dog Training. Before our dog Cody had training he was aggressive towards house guests and was very difficult to control on a leash. After training with CJ for 2 weeks Cody was like a new dog.  When guests rang our door bell he would sit attentively and quietly.  When we walk Cody now he doesn't pull on the leash and is very obedient.  CJ is an excellent trainer and is very professional, prompt, and courteous. He has called us several times and returned to our house for numerous follow up training sessions.  We highly recommend CJ at Intelligent K9 Dog Training.

Tali Dogalicious - Rancho Penasquitos, San Diego, CA. Review from Facebook: 
VERY happy with our results and CJ's assistance throughout!  We hired Intelligent K9 Dog Training to help us decide whether or not to keep the Min Pin my dad adopted but couldn't take care of. She was scared of everything and bolted out the front door looking for me when I left for work.  I was skeptical because I was told that little dogs can't learn very much.  But.... we took a chance and CJ took her in for his 2 week camp. He and Sarah kept us informed throughout our dog's stay with them.  She came back a wonderful and obedient dog!  I was so impressed that she wasn't scared all the time either!  She walks well along side of us now, sits and stays in her "place" until I ask her to move from her spot and she comes when called.  She is much more comfortable understanding us and we are more comfortable understanding her needs too, now.  We've decided to keep her and have fallen in love with our new dog!  CJ showed us that any dog can be helped.  He and Sarah took the time to answer all questions we had, no matter how simple or silly and they don't mind that we needed reminders of what to do.  CJ is a very personable man who cares about your dog and how you can connect best with your dog.  He's honest and straightforward - great qualities.  Thank you again to your team.

Nicole C. - San Marcos, CA. Review from Yelp: 

Our 6 month old rambunctious Boxer went to Intelligent K9 dog training because she couldn't be controlled not to jump & door dash. Her attention span was minimal so - while she could "sit" - she couldn't "stay". After 14 days with CJ, Pita now sits for more than a minute and pays much better attention when given instructions. She is still a puppy and requires daily reminders and training but she is a COMPLETELY different fur baby.  I would feel very comfortable recommending these guys if you have a pet that needs some training

Laurie G. - San Diego, CA. Review from Yelp: 
I had my dog go through the jump start program and I could not be more pleased. Our pup gained an incredible amount of control and confidence. I would recommend intelligent k9 to anyone with a dog!

John D. - Scripps Highlands, San Diego, CA. Review from Yelp: 

We have a 5 yr. old high strung Puggle that has calmed down tremendously with his dog aggression when out for walks on his leash with the help of CJ from Intelligent K9 Training. CJ is very passionate about what he does. He not only trains your dog but he trains you too so you can get the best out of your dog after the lessons are over. Training with an E-Collar does wonders and does not hurt your dog what so ever. It's not like the old time "shock" collars. And the "Place" command he teaches is the most powerful command you can teach your dog.
I would recommend Intelligent K9 Training to anyone who wants their dog to obey them and stay safe for the life of their pet. Not cheap but in line with all the other trainers out there and you definitely get what you pay for. Money well spent.

Thanks again so much, CJ.

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