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With just a few dog training skills, built up over time, it is possible to do amazing things with your dog. What if your dog not only knew the basics, but knew them well?


In this video my dog, Penny, and I demonstrate an excellent heel. It's great to know that she's right where I expect her to be. My trust in her obedience gives us freedom to do fun things off leash. I'm confident she'll be right by my side when we go for walks down the street or out in nature. Although we're always careful I don't fear that she'll run out in front of traffic or chase a rabbit because her attention is on me instead of the distractions.


We also practice recalls. I have her sit while I walk away. Recalls are great for whenever I need my dog to come to me. At the dog park or beach it's a great skill to have when it's time to leave for our next adventure. I don't have to yell or scream; I just say "come." A huge part of this communication is body language. Body language enables me to clearly communicate what I want from Penny.


One of the skills that took the longest to achieve was sending her back to her place. Although gaining distance wasn't easy it was well worth the challenge. Penny and I both gained a lot of confidence building this skill.

I train my dog a little every day. Just like we teach children manners in every day situations, I teach Penny what I expect of her in each scenario we come across.

Training has definitely improved our relationship. While she's always been adorable, it was very frustrating to have her run off and not come back when I called, not to mention dangerous! Before training she had a tendency to steal my things and bite me if I tried to take them back. I can't remember the last time I had to deal with a tense situation like that. We're able to go to lots of fun places that would have made my stomach turn before. We love going on vacations together and training has made it so much fun.

My dog, Penny, is so much fun to work with. She's so enthusiastic and you can tell she really wants to please. It gives me such a great feeling when she runs towards me at full speed or when she jumps around in a snappy heel. Dog training has definitely made all the difference.

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