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Group Class Pack Walk & Training Exercises at Three Lakes Park, Richmond, VA

Every month we hold group class for dog owners who have already been through our "Transform your Dog" program. This month, Group was held at Three Lakes Park in Richmond, VA.

This month we had about 30 owners come out and practice. This is their opportunity to get in front of the trainer again and further practice what they’ve learned in our program and to continually reinforce knowledge and skills for handling their dogs around distraction in the real world.

CJ usually likes to arrive early to set up and also greet clients as they arrive. Sarah came out this time along with CJ to help make the video. Intelligent K9 wouldn't be what it is today without Sarah's shooting and editing skills!

We started with a pack walk on trails, through the woods, to arrive at the lake. There, we stopped for a water break and to practice a distance and stationary exercise before walking back to our starting point where we practiced a few more training exercises.

In coming to a close, we usually end with a Q&A to make sure everyone is confident with their knowledge before we fully wrap up class. We encourage everyone to text us their top 2 questions the day before class. That way, they have time to put a little thought into it if they need.

Thank you to all our dog owner clients, both near and far, and to everyone who participated at class. We could not have done this with out you!

Thank you to Clark and Sharyn for helping us out the day of!

Thank you to Ty the Dog Guy for the inspiration and accountability to get this far!

We love you all!

See you at the next one!

-CJ & Sarah Quick

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