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Hard work pays off!

There’s no greater feeling than being able to go anywhere you want, take your dog, have an enjoyable time, and NOT have a single instance of stress from the dog. This is where you have a true companion and an example of a great relationship with the dog.

Contrast this with the relationship of frequently yelling at your dog, always saying “no, get down, GET Down!”, Or “NO, Wrong, OFF, Leave it!!”, etc.

Dog’s don’t respect the owner when they:

Pull on the leash

React to distraction

Bark incessantly

Jump on others

Act protective

Act aggressive

and otherwise create stress

What kind of relationship is that? Definitely not an enjoyable one! Who gets a dog and imagines living this way? It does not have to be like this.

If you’ve ever trained your dog and worked through the tough challenges you probably can relate. Training can be very rewarding work and that hard work pays off with having more freedom to include the dog into your life.

Everyone can have a better life with their dog. In fact, for most dog owners, a better life is literally right around the corner; all you have to do is give yourself permission to go out and achieve it and take your dog with you!

This trailer is a tribute to our clients past and present, who made the commitment to their dog to live a much better life, who worked their butts off to achieve greatness, and are now reaping the rewards and loving life with their best friend!

It’s so nice to see all of you with your dogs hanging out with so many other dogs and all so well-behaved!

We’re so proud of you!

You’re doing such a great job! Keep up the good work!

See you at the next class!

-CJ & Sarah


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