Recalls with Callie

A lot of our owners come to us desperately needing their dog to come. They’ve chased their door dasher, they’ve pleaded with their dog park diva to come back, and they’ve bribed their potty break parole for the last time.

This is a standard skill we teach all of the dogs that come to camp. For one it’s really fun (for us and the dogs), and for two it’s super useful!

Start by calling your dog to you while they’re still nearby. Use tools to make sure they get it right. Reel them in using your leash and use lots or body language to motivate them. Bend down, walk backwards, pat your leg. Use a cot to structure the end of the recall. If your dog isn’t coming straight to you or loops around or runs past you at the end of the recall, shorten the distance until they’re getting it consistently right. And remember that building this distance comes with time.

As always, if you have any questions let us know. And also let us know if you liked these tips from the dog trainers wife instead of the dog trainer himself.


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No one gets a dog and imagines conflict and frustration.


We have dogs join us as family with the intention of enhancing our lives but it doesn’t always happen that way. We have lots to learn as dog owners and Intelligent K9 San Diego dog training is here to help! 



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