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Teaching Your Dog to Come

Recalls recalls recalls.

The most sought after skill!

Funny thing is, it’s the most sought after skill by dog owners but practiced the least.

Like we mentioned before, most of training is easily practiced day to day organically as the daily routine unfolds.

Walking, staying, placing, sitting are natural occurrences. Whats left out are the, you guessed it, recalls.

For any recall other than just simply calling the dog to you from across the room needs a more deliberate approach.

You need to go find space, you need to have your long line, you need to have a plan. There a little more preparation. The cool thing is, is that just about everyone loves seeing their dog run and enjoy themselves. Just about everyone wants their dog to listen too.

So why not combine the two? The dog gets a fantastic workout that you control, you are still enforcing rules, and your dog is doing this while engaged with you, and not checked out and focusing on distractions.

In addition, it’s an exercise that contributes to off-leash ability for you and your pup!

It’s literally win-win!


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